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Ruby Jean Seals Biography/Wiki

Quick Info~ Profession – Singer Husband – Jim Seal Religion – Baháʼí Faith
Real Name Ruby Jean Seals
Another Name Ruby Jean Anderson Seals
Personal Life
Ethnicity African American
Religion the Baháʼí Faith
Profession Singer
Relationship & Family
Husband Jim Seals
Childrens Three childrens
Childrens Name Joshua, Juliet & Sutherland
Physical Stats
Height (approx) in centimeters – 163cm
in meters 1.63m m
in feet & inches 5’4 ft
Weight (approx) in pounds – 119 lbs
in kilograms – 54 kg
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Profession Singer
Band Seals and Crofts
Hit Songs Summer Breeze released in 1972
Diamond Girl released in 1973
Get Closer released in 1976

Ruby Jean Seals Biography

Ruby Jean Seals is the spouse of musician Jim Seals of the 1970s, Everyon are curious to know Ruby Jean Seals Biography, let’s discuss about her in this article, Jim seals soft rock duo Seals & amp; Crofts. Ruby Jean Seals who’s husband in her late 80s passed away on tuesday 6th June 2022. Let’s discuss Ruby Jean Seals Biography in this article, her full name is Ruby Jean Anderson, She became Ruby Jean Seals by marrying Jim Seals in 1970 and together they had three children named Joshua, Juliette, and Sutherland. All three are musicians. Not much information is available about Jim Seals’s wife in the media as Ruby Jeans Seals choose to be away from the spotlight.

Is Ruby Jean Seals Still Alive

Yes, Ruby Jean Seals still alive but she lost her husband Jim Seals who was in her late 80s passed away on Tuesday 6th of June in the year 2022.

Jim Seals Early Life

Ruby’s husband Jim Seals was born in 1941 in Sidney, Texas, United States. He was a one-time member of ‘The Champs‘ but after some time he joined their hit ‘Tequila’ also featuring Glen Campbell.

Before Campbell formed he toured with Eddie Cochran. Glen Campbell with Seals and Crofts both became part of the band.

Ruby Anderson Jean Seals Husband Jim Seals (Singers)

Here is the video to watch about Ruby Seals husband Jim Seals Biography & Crofts detailed video, scroll down to watch and know more about his life, career and much more.

Seals and Crofts’s Album

The Seals and Crofts’s first album with their new labels didn’t make a big blow, but their second album, titled Summer Breeze, was released at #7 in 1972. It’s a big breakthrough and sold over a million copies. The title track, ‘Summer Breeze’ reached 6th Place in the U.S. and 16th place in Australia.

Ruby Jean Seals & Jim Seal

Although the duo Ruby Jean Seals & Jim Seal disbanded in 1980, they reunited briefly in 1991-1992, and later again in the year 2004, they released their final album titled ‘Traces’.

In life we become friends the life partners and also we can apart after certain years because of differences two people have and start living our own life but if the relationship between two person is strong then nothing can make the two person apart, we believe this is what happened between the duo Ruby Anderson Jean Seals and Jim Seals.

They were strangers before then they met each other and after getting know each other and their friendship became stronger and stronger which their parents helped them to convince about their marriage as their parents were not okay with the marriage earlier and their friendship bondage made them even to convince and later get married. After some years they became apart and distant from one another but the relationship between them took them to reunite and also helped in making another final song together.

Jim Seals

Jim Seals born on 1941, later at the age of 29 Jim Seals decided to marry but his father was against of the marriage later Jim Seals convinced his father and married to an African-American woman Ruby Jean Seals in the year 1970 when Jim Seal was 29 year old, later the couple lived together forever and Jim Seals and Ruby Jean Seals had three childrens. Ruby Jean Seals and Jim Seals three children’s names are Joshua, Juliet, and Sutherland.

Jim Seals has been a public advocate of the Baha’i Faith and he is the brother of ” England” Dan Seals, of Dan & John Ford Coley, England. As the time passed Jim Seals wanted to convert to the Baha’i Faith religion and in his sixties Jim Seal converted to “the Baha’i Faith” religion. Ruby Jean Seals husband Jim Seal died on the day of Monday June 6, 2022 at the age of 80 years old.

Ruby Anderson Jean Seals Images

Jim Seals Images

Lesser Known Facts

  • She is also known as Ruby Jean Anderson Seals.
  • She is a popular singer of 1970s.
  • Her ethnicity is African American.
  • She is the wife of famous singer Jim Seals.
  • Seals & Crofts “Summer Breeze” was sold over 1 Million copies.


As Ruby Jean Seals is famous globally, people also search about Ruby Jean Seals pictures which we have already shared in this article above, people also curious to know about Ruby Jean Seals and Crofts which we have shared already about it, Ruby Jean Seals is also called as Ruby Jean Anderson Seals as she was got the last name “Seals” after marrying Jim Seals so Ruby Jean Anderson Seals also same person, Ruby Jean and Jim Seals are married together, Ruby Jean Seals Biography can be found in this article so let’s know about your opinions in the comments section so that we can know more what you think.


1) Who is Ruby Jean Seals’s husband?

Ruby Jean Seals husband is Jim Seals.

2) Ruby Jean Seals also known as?

Ruby Jean Seals also known as Ruby Jean Anderson Seals.

3) When did Ruby Jean Seals & Jim Seals married?

Ruby Jim Seals and Jim Seals married in the year 1970.

4) When was Jim Seals born?

Jim Seals born in 1941.

5) Which religion Jim Seals convert to?

Jim Seals converted to the Baháʼí Faith religion.

6) When did Jim Seals convert to the Baha’i religion?

Jim Seals converted to the Baháʼí Faith religion in his sixties.

7) When did Ruby Jean Seals’s husband Jim Seal die?

Ruby Jean Seals husband Jim Seal died on the day of Monday June 6, 2022.

8) What was the Band name of Ruby Jean Seals?

Seals and Crofts is the Band name of Ruby Jean Seals.

9) What was the Band name of Jim Seal?

Seals and Crofts is the band name of Jim Seal.

10) Which are the hit songs of Jim Seals and Ruby Jean Seals?

Hit songs of Jim Seals and Ruby Jean Seals are “Summer Breeze” which was released in 1972, “Diamond Girl” which was released in 1973, “Get Closer” which was released in 1976.

11) Who is Jim Seals wife?

Jim Seals wife is Ruby Jean Seals.

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