Sarah Vandella Bio, Age, Nicknames, Biography, Wiki, Net Worth, Height & More

Sarah Vandella Bio/Wiki

Quick Info~ Maritial Status – Unmarried Age – 39 Religion – Atheist
Real name Sarah Vandella
Age 40 years (as of 2023)
Nationality Polish-American
Hometown Hauppauge, Long Island, New York
Religion Jewish
Hobbies Play Volleyball
School The School In Suburbs
Education Qualification Graduate
Famous For Best Supporting Actress
Profession Actress

Sarah Vandella Bio (Sarah Vandella Biography – Wiki)

Sarah vandella is an American actress star. Her fans are curious to know about her personal life and want to be connected with her. Sarah vandella bio in this article we are going to know, she was born on December 2, 1983 and her age is 40 years as of 2023, she was born in Hauppauge Island, New York, United States. Jewish beauty is known for working in the acting industry. She is the most celebrated person in the industry with a fab 14 years of working experience.To know more about Sarah Vandella Nicknames, height, weight and much more of the blonde glamor girl with an amazing personality scroll down….

Basically even though Sarah is a famous from her name it’s Sarah Vandella Nicknames also popular and people are curious to know about Sarah Vandella Nicknames which we have mentioned in the article, also people are curious to know Sarah Vandella real name which we have mentioned above in the table, if you want to know anything more about her let us know we will try to update as soon as possible even though she is a private person as she haven’t shared much information about herself over the internet.

Sarah Vandella Age

Sara ACCh Vandella Age 40 years as of 2023, She was born on 2 December 1983 in Hauppauge, Long Island, New York, United States. She started working in the industry from the very early age when she was 19 years old in the year 2006. That is why people are eagerly searching about Sarah Vandella age.

Sarah Vandella Early life

When we are knowing about Sarah Vandella bio it’s obvious we will be curious to know more about her early life. She is a radiant child of hippie parents grew up in New York City and joined a school in Suburbs, she is a very talented student but due to a financial crisis, she started working as a waitress in bars and clubs.

Sarah Vandella Pictures (Sarah Vandella Pics)

As Sarah Vandella a beautiful looking lady we have added Sarah Vandella pics below so that people can checkout how Sarah Vandella Pictures look like in a different scenarios.

Sarah Vandella Nicknames

Sarah Vandella Nicknames are Sarah Sloane, Queen of Spades, Sarah, Sarah Sloan, Sara Vandella, Sarah Vandella, Sara Vandela, Sara. So these are the Sarah Vandella Nicknames that she have got so if you happen to meet Sarah Vandella any time then you may also call her Sarah Vandella Nicknames as well and we hope she might be happy as someone remember her nicknames and calling by Sarah Vandella Nicknames.

Sarah Vandella Career

Sarah Vandella entered the bar as a waitress and amused the bar owner with her amazing personality and glamorous appearance soon became the bar dancer in the club. She continues to dance for two more years.

After 2 years of dancing in a bar, at the age of 22, Sarah Vandella got her first offer from a talent agency in New York, Which introduced her to the acting industry. From then till now she is actively working in the acting industry.

Sarah Vandella Family life

Sarah Vandella who adores privacy never likes to disclose personal information related to her parents and siblings. And our website respects Sarah’s decision to keep her family details away from the limelight.

Sarah Vandella Physical Appearance

Sarah Vandella is a sexy blonde with an American accent. She has a slender body measuring 34-28-30. Her height is 5’3 feet (160cm) weighs approx. 60 Kg (~132 pounds).and her shoe size is US 7. At present, she doesn’t owe any tattoos on her body. Sarah’s brown eyes and blonde hair make her the hottest actress in the AV industry.

Sarah Vandella Net Worth

Sarah Vandella from the last 14 years actively working as an actress in the American film industry. Her estimated net worth is roughly around 7 to 12 million dollars. Most of her income is generated from the film industry.

Sarah Vandella Awards

Sarah Vandella the popular American film performer was nominated numerous times for the Awards.

Sarah Vandella Dog Lover

When we checkout Sarah Vandella Instagram we can see she have posted adorable pictures with the dog as well by which we say Sarah Vandella is a fond of dogs, below we will share Sarah Vandella picture with the dog.

Sarah Vandella Instagram (Sarah Vandella IG)

Sarah Vandella Instagram is @SarahVandellalovesu , she have posted 245 post in her Instagram account, she have 8857 followers and she is following 1037 people on her @SarahVandellahLovesU account. If you want to know Sarah Vandella Instagram we have provided you so you can connect with her by clicking the above link.

Sarah Vandella Twitter

Sarah Vandella Twitter is @MsSarahVandella , She is also very active in her Twitter account, Sarah Vandella have mentioned to beware of getting scammed by fake accounts by which we can understand as she is famous globally people wants to reach out her because of which scammers are trying to create fake accounts on her name and scam the people so we also suggest you to beware of those scammers in the internet as they can take advantage in a bad way.

More Details of Sarah Vandella

Sarah Vandella joined acting industry at the age of 22 and what surprising thing is her parents were knowing about her job working in the acting industry and they never tried to stop Sarah Vandella but they always said her do anything you wish to but don’t hurt anyone so as a good daughter Sarah Vandella listened her parents and never tried to hurt anyone, another thing is Sarah Vandella is adopted when she was a week old. Below is the video link sharing about Sarah Vandella to watch.

Lesser Known Facts

  • She is a dog lover.
  • Sarah Vandella has many Nicknames.
  • She was a bar dancer at the age of 19, continued working for 2 years.
  • Her parents had no issues with her working in the acting industry.
  • She started acting at the age of 22.

Sarah Vandella Photography

Many celebrities along with Sarah Vandella we think use expensive cosmetics for make-up as well as paid softwares to make their looks better in front of the camera. We all know using cosmetics that have been made up of chemicals are harmful for the skin which is why few people in the world avoid using cosmetics and choose to use softwares to improvise their looks within a few clicks by using AI technology present in the software.

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We have given all the information about Sarah Vandella bio, Real name, Nicknames along with her pictures and with some unknown facts about her in this article. Let us know what do you think about it in the comments section below. Although some celebrity don’t reveal their personal things we try to gather their information including their Net Worth and also Sarah Vandella Real name, let’s know what do you think about the article below in the comments section.


1) Who is Sarah Vandella?

Sarah Vandella is an American Actress

2) What is Sarah Vandella Age?

Sarah Vandella age is 40 years old as of 2023.

3) What is Sarah Vandella real name?

Sarah Vandella is the real name of Sarah Vandella.

4) What is Sarah Vandella Height in centimetres?

Sarah Vandella height is160 cm.

5) What is Sarah Vandella Net Worth?

Sarah Vandella Net Worth is $7 Million – $12 Million (approx)

6) What is Sarah Vandella husband name?

Sarah Vandella is not yet married so there is no husband name.

7) What is Sarah Vandella Height?

Sarah Vandella height 1.6 Meter or 160 cm or 5’3 feet

8) Is Sarah Vandella an actress?

Yes, Sarah Vandella is an American Actress.

9) What is Sarah Vandella Instagram?

Sarah Vandella’s Instagram is @SarahVandellaLovesU.

10) What is Sarah Vandella Twitter?

Sarah Vandella Twitter @MsSarahVandella

11) What is Sarah Vandella Nicknames?

Sarah Vandella Nicknames are Sarah Sloane, Queen of Spades, Sarah, Sarah Sloan, Sara Vandella, Sarah Vandella, Sara Vandela, Sara

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  4. Sarah the first time that we met each other it was about July 15th 2024 I knew we were meant for each other.I wish you would come to my state Minnesota to put my arms around you forever and start our future together like we had planned. You are very beautiful BABEOXOX! I LOVE NOW AND FOREVER TO THE END AND BEYOND TO ETERNITY BABEOXOX


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