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Charleston White Biography/Wikipedia

Quick Info ~ Marital Status – Married Age – 53(as of 2023) Profession – Comedian, YouTuber, Influencer, Entrepreneur
Real Name Charleston White
Popular American Comedian, YouTuber, Influencer & Entrepreneur
Personal Life
Date of birth 1970
Age 53 years (as of 2023)
Birthplace Texas, United States
Nationality American
Country United States
Religion Christian
Education Criminal Justice
College/University Texas Wesleyan University
Net Worth) $1.75 Million
Physical Stats
Height (approx) in centimeters – 172 cm
in meters – 1.72 m
in feet & inches – 5’8
Weight (approx) in pounds – 144 – 155 lbs
in kilograms – 65 – 70 kg
Shoe Size 8 US
Pierced Ears Yes
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Plastic Surgery No

Who is Charleston White (Wikipedia/Biography)

Charleston White is a successful man and serves as an inspiration to youngsters with troubled juvenile pasts. Let us know about Charleston White Biography, he is the Founder, and CEO of Hyped about HYPE (Helping Young People Excel) Youth Outreach. Also, a social media influencer, a Youtuber, a content creator, and a jokester of American origin, and mainly trolled people due to speaking the truth through his social media platforms. Charleston was born in 1970 in the Lone Star which is also known as Texas. At present, he is 53 years old(as of 2023). He has a sinful past & spends many years in lockup on the charge of the murder of Michael Levy.

Recently, on April 20, 2022, he started a youtube channel called The Real Charleston White which is well-known for broadcasting funny videos. Charleston White is a married man living with his wife and daughter, Charleston White Son unfortunately died earlier at the very early age.

So far he has posted 1k videos and has 231k subscribers as of May 2023. The Youtube channel helped him to wipe out his criminal past and to be a good person with a new identity. He went across the United States of America spreading motivational speeches, with a tinge of comedy, also appeared in a lot of interviews and podcasts and shares his story of success. Scroll down below to know more about popular Comedian Charleston White’s biography, criminal past, education, net worth, age, wife, and kids. It’s a Wikipedia of Charleston White and how he changed his life from a criminal identity to an inspiring personality.

Charleston White’s early life and Education

We have tried to collect as much as information accessible related to Charleston White. He belongs to the American nationality and has a mixed background of African descent. He grew up in a joint family with his five other siblings. Charleston White follows the Christianity religion. His father is an entrepreneur and his mother is a housewife.

Charleston has shared some pictures with his mother on his social media handle with the following caption “ Every woman who knows me, admires me for who am as a person but mostly who am as a father…My mother is extremely proud of who I grew up to become and my mothers honors me as a wonderful father”. After 31 years, his elder brother K. White was released from jail for the murder he committed at the age of 17.

Charleston White went to a local school in Texas to receive basic education. In 2015, For higher education attended Texas Wesleyan University and completed 83 credit hours in his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Law. Charleston White graduated at the age of 45. He believes that his story serves as an inspiration to many young people in society.

Charleston White’s Rumors

There exist a lot of rumors about Charleston White in which most pronounced ones at the end of 2022 that Charleston White had shot himself and the news about the sad demise of Charleston White spread like hellfire but it was all a rumor. Charleston White is fit and fine.

Charleston White Family Life

Charleston White is a complete family man. He kept his family life under the cover may be to protect his family from possible threats due to his criminal past and mobs. However, he lives a happy married life with his wife and two kids. The Charleston White family resides in Fort Worth, Texas, United States of America

Charleston White Hyped about HYPE Youth Outreach est. 2012

In 2012 Charleston White admited at Texas “Wesleyan University” as a Pre-law student majored in Criminal Justice. While working in a law degree, Charleston White created youth organization called Hyped, about HYPE (Helping Young People Excel) Youth Outreach and he completed 83 credit hours in his bachelor’s degree before applying to Law School.

Charleston White eventually quit further studing of a law degree and began his work in and outside of the courtrooms in youth advocacy, he started working to change Juvenile laws and legislation, and he began advocating for second chances for youth as a specialist, gang intervention specialist, community leader and much more, in the below picture we can see Charleston White with a HYPED Youth.

Charleston White Age, Height, Weight

Charleston White even at the age of 53 managed to be fit and fine. He has a well-built body with toned abs. Charleston White height is 1.72 Meters or 5 feet 8 inches(172 centimeters) and his weight is around 65 to 70 kg (152.34lbs) with a shoe size of 8 US. He has pierced his ears. Charleston White has black color eyes as well as black color hair. Charleston White catches everyone’s heart with a smile faced. His fashion statement is cool and always wears different clothes. Charleston White hasn’t undergone any kind of plastic surgery.

Charleston White’s Professional Life And Career

Charleston White to come out of his criminal past and took up volunteer work mainly to help young minds on the wrong path. He is a Motivational Speaker who delivers orations at the Texas Juvenile Justice Department and Welcome Back Tarrant County. Charleston White made collaboration with some of the gangs, helping young people of criminal gangs who wanted to break with the criminal world.

Charleston White is the founder and CEO of HYPE (Helping Young People Excel) Youth Outreach, an organization full of youths to help other minors aged between 12 -18 in choosing the right path.Charleston White is a multi-talented person. He is a Youtuber, Content Creator, Comedian, Social media influencer, and he even promotes many brands through his social media accounts. On his Instagram handle named @rattwilliams45 promotes different brands. Unfortunately his Instagram account got banned by Instagram, now his Instagram account is @officialcharleston_white. (Update – July 14 2023)

Charleston White’s Wife

Charleston White’s wife plays an important role in his personal life, giving him so much of support and being with him no matter what. Detailed information about Charleston White’s Wife is not available over the internet as the couple kept their personal life away from the spotlight. She likely wholeheartedly supports and encourages Charleston White in what he is doing. As his partner, she lovingly provides understanding, care, and motivation. While specific details remain private, it can be told that Charleston White’s Wife is an important part of Charleston White’s life.

Together, they form a supportive and being together, continuing life’s challenges and joyfully celebrating shared milestones. Considering what all we have said above, we can say Charleston White and his wife love each other unconditionally and they both help each other to be successful in life which can be an example to live life together loving and caring for everyone.

Charleston White Son

Charleston White sadly had only one son and his name is Chii Wvttz. Charleston White son Chii Wvttz was a talented Drill Rapper, tragically Charleston White Son died in a shooting in Chicago in the year 2022 at the very young age of 17. Charleston White has openly expressed his grief and pain causing severe shock for loss of his son who died in a shooting. Utilizing his platform, he passionately raises awareness about the violence in Chicago and actively tals for significant change. Charleston White openly criticizes the cops response to the shooting incident.

In an interview with VladTV, he bravely shares the challenges he faces while shed tears, including confronting online criticism and accusations. Charleston White emphasizes the difficulties he faced while raising a son in Chicago, emphasizing the importance of remaining observant and aware of one’s surroundings.

The loss of Charleston White Son Chii Wvttz deeply impacts Charleston White, as he continues life without his beloved son. Charleston White explains resolving determination to make a positive impact and effect change in the lives of other young people. Even after being a controversial person, Charleston White’s personal story serves as a sad reminder of the continue violence in Chicago and the urgent necessity for change should be taken so that it won’t repeat again with any.

Charleston White Son NBA (rumor)

Charleston White’s son Chii Wvttz has never played in the NBA. Neither Charleston White ever played professional NBA. Although people are talking about Charleston White son in the NBA which is just a rumor that has been spread over the internet.

The rumors that spreading Charleston White has a son in the NBA can be seen came out and spread over the internet from a TikTok video that received much attention in 2022. In the video, Charleston White can be seen talking about his son, whom he claims is a “future NBA player”. However, Charleston White never mentions his son’s name, and there is no real evidence to prove his claim regarding his son’s basketball career.

It is possible that Charleston White’s son may be involved in basketball, but there is currently no confirmed evidence to confirm his claim. Similarly, it is possible that Charleston White may have said when he referred to his son as a “future NBA player”. Irrespective of these possibilities, there is no available evidence to support the perception that Charleston White has a son presently playing in the NBA.

Charleston White Net Worth

Charleston White Net Worth is not less than a million as we can see he is living a lavish lifestyle. His main source of income is derived from his Comedy Tours across the United States of America. By this Charleston White Net Worth is growing day by day. From 2020 onwards he started to earn online by advertisement, and promotion through his Instagram account rattWilliams, and selling its merchandise through the Website he owes. Even from these ways Charleston White Net Worth increasing more and he is able to live a very good lifestyle in the United States.

As per the sources, Charleston White’s Net Worth in 2023 is estimated to be around $1.75 Million approx as of 2023.That simply means Charleston White Net Worth in 2023 $1.75 Million approx as mentioned above Charleston White net worth is not less than a Million, But doubts his net worth and income according to it “The public figure does not live in poverty however, some sources attribute to him a capital of $1.5 Million. This is doubtful information.

His clothing brand and social activities do not bring in that kind of money. The YouTube channel has a large audience, but not enough to earn 1 Million. We estimate Charleston White Net Worth is 750 thousand dollars”.So what would you say about Charleston White’s net worth and income? Share with us in the comment section.

Charleston White’s Instagram Promotion Charges

Charleston White has different charges for the different services he offers. So let us discuss about Charleston White’s Instagram Promotion charges, For live Instagram shout-out promotions, he charges $1000. Followed by $2000 for 24-hour promotions in Instagram stories, and $3000 for 24-hour page promotions on his social page. Product Placement Promotions charges are $2500 for 2 Weeks, $3500 for 1 Month and $10,500 for 6 Months.

Not only that, even the charge for a conversation with Charleston White on Tuesday is somewhere between $1000 for 15 minutes, $1500 for 30 minutes, and $2500 for 1 Hour by which Charleston White make money online so much over the internet from his social media accounts which shows he is going with the modern age people that make money online in 2023 which again proves Charleston White is an intelligent person among most of the Influencers making money online.

Charleston White Instagram (Charleston White IG)

Lets know about Charleston White Instagram account details and what more he does in his Instagram account, Charleston White has two Instagram accounts. He joined Instagram in December 2022 and managed to gain 125k followers in 2.5 months on @rattwilliams_ account. Presently he have One hundred thousand sixty six (166k) followers and he is following 1411 people on this account as of June 2023.His most popular reel on his Instagram account got 132K views till Feb 2023.

Charleston White is so much active over his Instagram account, Charleston White Instagram account @rattwilliams45 is his official and verified Instagram account although he have two Instagram accounts, he have where he post very frequently as well he come live over his instagram account, he post podcast videos,live comedy show videos, also going Instagram live, sharing his fan messages screenshots, about his concert, pictures with fans taken, picture with daughter, parents, as well as updating about him and his merchandise.

Charleston White have another Instagram account @rattwilliams_ to which he even following from his Charleston White Ig main account @rattwilliams45 .

Charleston White Pictures (Pictures Of Charleston White)

Charleston White Instagram Account Suspended

In the above we have said that Charleston White has 2 Instagram accounts and he was active in both of his Instagram accounts, but on June 18, 2023 Charleston White Instagram Account has been Suspended, it seems even Charleston White don’t know why his account got suspended. He  just mentioned

 “I never received a notification saying my account @rattwilliams_ was reported for any violations”.

While we check his comments section, a person have said “Now you feel how it feel to report people YouTube channels 🤣😂 your other ig page next!”

Surprisingly we can see Charleston White have replied to the comment saying “I am not into feelings, this is my 10th Instagram account being deleted”

By this we can understand Charleston White is not sad about his account being deleted and it’s his 10th Instagram account that have been deleted. 

Charleston White Present Instagram is @officialcharleston_white.

Charleston White Old Pictures

Charleston White have shared his old pictures when Charleston White 15 years old pictures, it’s a must to see if your a fan of Charleston White or even if you like him as a person because these pictures are very rare, also we have found another picture of him before he was famous, check out the pictures below we have shared.

Charleston White Twitter

Charleston White Twitter is @CharlestonWhi15, Charleston also have Twitter account and joined Twitter on April 2022, Charleston White have 876 following and he is following 30 people in his official Twitter account.

Charleston White’s LinkedIn

Charleston White’s LinkedIn name is Charleston White and his profile has 346 connections with 529 followers. His LinkedIn bio contains details such as Pre Law student at Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Texas. At the age of 14, Charleston was doomed to murder. He is the first juvenile in my county (Tarrant) to be adjudicated for murder. Charleston White was sentenced to twelve years as per the Texas Determining Sentence for juvenile law.

Charleston White YouTube

Charleston White YouTube Channel name is “The Real Charleston White” and Charleston White YouTube channel username is @therealcharlestonwhite2806, he has 231k subscribers and over 1000 YouTube videos uploaded on his YouTube that have more than 30 Million views as of June 2023. Charleston White have gained all these achivement within 3 years as he joined the YouTube on 22 April 2020. Also around 8 months earlier on Instagram Charleston White shared his YouTube channel performance in which mentioned about 22.9k subscribers gained, 5.3 Million views gained and 36.5 Minutes watched.

Charleston White Facebook

Charleston White Facebook Fan Page is also a part of Charleston White social media where he is connected with his followers in Facebook group named as “Charleston White Fan Page” that have over 103K members as of June 2023 in the Charleston Facebook group.

Charleston White TikTok

Charleston White TikTok account is officialcharlestontiktok. Charleston White TikTok account have 281.8K Followers, he have got 624.3K Likes and Charleston White is following 161 people in his TikTok account, he have only posted 61 videos on his TikTok account and Charleston White have achieved so many likes and followers as mentioned above. Charleston White TikTok bio have mentioned “Founder and CEO, Hyped About HYPE Youth Outreach“. Charleston White TikTok account officialcharlestontiktok is not so much active as much Charleston White active over his YouTube and Instagram accounts.

Charleston White Comedy Show

The Charleston White Comedy Show has received huge popularity and attracts more audiences in the entertainment world who likes similar things in entertainment. Charleston White skillfully combines wit, charm, and flawless comedic timing to bring out amazing performances in his comedy shows which will be unforgettable for the people who listens. Charleston White shows feature cleverly observed jokes, relatable storytelling along with what’s happening in the real world and quick-witted improvisation that never fails to entertain the audience because of which people love to attend Charleston White Comedy Shows.

Charleston White fearlessly tackles everyday life situations, hilariously shares personal stories, and offers a comedic perspective on social issues which again makes people attend Charleston White Comedy Shows wherever he performs the event.

He interestingly connects with the audience, keeping them deeply entertained and engaged throughout his entire comedy show. Attending a Charleston White comedy show guarantees an evening of laughter and unforgettable entertainment for comedy enthusiasts of all ages.

Charleston White Criminal Past, Arrest Story and Charleston White Prison Life

According to reports published with the title “Charleston White: from the Courtroom to role model in 180-degree Turn”. Charleston White went to jail at the age of 14. He shares his experiences in reformatory “ I was convicted of murder and was sentenced under Texas Determining Sentence (TDS) juvenile law of 12 years. Being highly active in gangs, and becoming a gang leader. But the Texas system saved my entire life. The staff of Texas Youth commission(TYC), at present, renamed as Texas Juvenile Justice Department understands and gave me all the tools for succeeding in life.In an interview with DJ Vlad, Charleston White shared the details of the murder story.

“I ran away from home on 16th September and went on crime street on 18th September. A guy named Michael Levy losing his life. I came up with the plan we go to the mall and steal some Sports jackets from foot locker because at that time these Sports jackets are so expensive. My whole concept just wanting to steal these sports coats it was a teenage club. I went to my friend DJ and their friends but they were all elder teenage than me.

I always had leadership skills and qualities so we went to the Forum 303 mall foot locker and went inside the foot locker there was a black man then we think he could run fast so we played video games and decided to do it later, and we came back and I saw a white guy working in there then we tried lots of hats and jackets. While trying on clothes we ran out from there I saw Michael Levy, a white guy in the parking lot working on his car”.

Charleston White was lucky enough to be the youngest in the group of robbers and he was sent to attend his term not in prison but in a Special class. Finally, in 1998 he stopped all his criminal activity and decided to lead a decent life.

Charleston White Murder Story of Michael Levy

Charleston White said “Michael Levy got married just three days before that incident. He saw what was happening there and tried to stop us from stealing those jackets. He ran, jumped on top of the car, and started hitting the windshield with some tool that he was working on. Glass was shattering in my friend’s face then I handed him the gun and instructed him to shoot Michael, and Michael Levy got shot. I was incarcerated in the Texas Youth commission(TYC) from 1991 to 1998.”

Further, Charleston White added “Many of my chums were in prison on their 18th birthday and now they are coming home. Most of my friends spent more than 20 years in prison from the age of thirteen or fourteen. We were the generation who faced harsher laws on minors.Lastly, Charleston White said in conclusion remarks “My story gives hope to those who have lost it. It shows victims and their families or even worse individuals can also change their lives and make a difference in society”.

Charleston White Controversy Life

Charleston White, a motivational speaker is known for his controversy with Soulja Boy. A year back in July 2022, Charleston White claimed that he maced Soulja Boy; it turned into a dispute in the media channels as Charleston White has collaborated with several popular singers and rappers.

Soulja Boy – Charleston White Controversy

Soulja Boy and Charleston White have famous and gained respect in separate places. Soulja Boy, also known as DeAndre Cortez Way, has received the fame as a rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur. He achieved recognition with his hard work by ranking in the top position “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” and has established himself in the hip-hop industry.

Charleston White has recieved attention as a public figure and social media personality, fearlessly expressing his views on various subjects. Soulja Boy’s contributions primarily lie in the music and entertainment, while Charleston White has controversially voiced his opinions online.

Even though there may have been examples of interaction or connection between them, Soulja Boy and Charleston White represent within their respective fields.

Soulja Boy and Charleston White got into a verbal fight in Miami on May 27, 2023. The confrontation reportedly increased from an argument between the two men, first started by Soulja Boy’s desire to address disrespectful remarks made by Charleston White on social media. The disagreement brought, leading Charleston White to immediately find a can of pepper spray and unexpectedly discharge it towards Soulja Boy and his team. Soulja Boy suffered minor burns to his eyes, getting immediate medical treatment, while his team also received treatment.

Charleston White was charged with battery as a consequence of his actions. The incident caused heat up discussion on social media, with some defending Charleston White’s actions as self-defense, while others criticized him for overreacting instead of leaving the situation. The case is presently pending, and the final outcome remains unknown as it awaits further legal proceedings. The incident is a reminder of the possible dangers connected with pepper spray, highlighting the importance of utilizing it only for self-defense purposes.

Additional details : Soulja Boy – Charleston

  • Soulja Boy was present in Miami for his upcoming Rolling Loud Performance
  • Charleston White had traveled to Miami for his speaking event.
  • The controversy took place in the early morning.
  • Charleston White was immediately taken into custody and formally charged with battery.
  • The case is currently pending, awaiting the progression of legal procedures.

Charleston White Interview Clips

Watch the video of Charleston White about before he was famous….

Charleston White – J. Prince Controversy

Charleston White received the message on Friday informing him of the cancellation of youth presentation in Houston, Texas. This created Charleston White – J. Prince Controversy arise and he claims that J. Prince is the reason behind the Houston sold-out comedy show being suspended. Charleston White explained even police refuse to protect him over his feud with the Rap-A-Lot music mogul. Instead said this is not a good time to come to Houston your part of the event was canceled. I will call you to go to the Houston Police Department for a meeting.Charleston White said that HPD is scared of J. Prince, and they didn’t provide him security for his comedy tours

Attacks On Charleston White By Black Lives Member

Charleston White, on his last visit to Virginia, took pictures with fans and he was eating food at a restaurant with his family and business partners. Suddenly a guy came there and said Black Lives member but he is a member of some organization and wants to take an interview with Charleston White without money. That is why he created the drama. Charleston White Calls Child Protective Services on Finesse2Tymes.

Charleston White, a controversial social media personality on May 7th, 2023, contacted child protective services on Finesse2Tymes (It is an Atlantic Records-signed rapper who has a close relationship with J. Prince. A video of the rapper’s son showing him using marijuana was leaked online ) to report the artist to the child protection services. Charla kid who was making threats online and the kid in the video whose actual name is Lil King, hanging out at nightclubs with criminals and with not permissible things. Charleston White Because he works with children, he did not want to remain anonymous, telling CPS:

“I want them to know I did because I work with children and it’s my obligation to report something that you think children are in danger.” The young rapper in question is Lil King, also known as Finesse2Tymes,’s son.“

Charleston White Fans & Haters Charleston White in his YouTube channel named The Real Charleston White, where he constantly criticizes other rappers and singers who fiddle in illegal substances and call themselves gangsters. Because he speaks the truth, Charleston White often lands in conflict situations. He is harsh in his statements and sometimes his desire to make the world a better place looks like verbal hooliganism. That made him gain more haters than fans.

Charleston White Mugshot Story

The Charleston White Mugshot has grabbed much attention and attracted the controversy recently. He is a public figure and social media personality, was arrested and Charleston White Mugshot have gone viral ocer the internet recently, let’s know about his Mugshot incident. The Mugshot represents Charleston White with a bitter expression, showing the seriousness of his arrest.

The Charleston White Mugshot has increased debate and discussion between the people. Some of the people have criticized Charleston White for his alleged involvement in the criminal activities. And some others argue for a closer examination of the incident surrounding his arrest before passing judgment. Because it’s not good to judge a person without the right evidence. The Charleston White Mugshot shows the power of social media.

Did Charleston White Killed Anyone

Charleston White has never been convicted of any murders, despite facing past accusations. That means Charleston White has not killed anyone. Charleston White was accused of killing a person called Reginald Dwayne Jones in 1990, but he was acquitted of the charges. Likewise, in 2008, Charleston White faced accusations in the murder case of Michael Lee Smith, but he was once again acquitted.

Charleston White denies of any involvement in both of these murder cases. White’s legal history shows that he has not been found guilty of any murders. It is important to firmly stick with the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” when considering Charleston White’s alleged participation in these cases.

Unknown Facts About Charleston White

  • Baby Blu is another name Charlestone White famously known as.
  • Charleston White is very active on his Instagram account @rattwilliams_ & @rattwilliams45
  • Charleston White is also active on his YouTube channel The Real Charleston
  • Charleston White was lucky enough to go to TYC after the murder incident as he was a minor at that time.
  • Charleston White completely changed after joining Texas Youth Commission(TYC).
  • Anyone can have a conversation with Charleston White but it’s paid.
  • Charleston White has appeared in so many videos and also attended many interviews & podcasts with many people.
  • Charleston White sells his merchandise products on his website as well as social media to make money online.
  • Charleston White is also a Volunteer Chaplain at Welcome Back Tarrant County.


1) Who is Charleston White?

Charleston White is an American comedian, Youtuber, Social Activist, Social Media Influencer and Entrepreneur.

2) What is the real name of Charleston White?

Charleston White real name is Charleston J. White.

3) Charleston White age In 2023?

Charleston White age in 2023 is 53 years old

4) Charleston White Net Worth in 2023?

Charleston White’s Net Worth is $1.75 million as of 2023.

5) What is the name of Charleston White’s Wife?

Charleston White is married but he has not shared any personal life information.

6) What is the name of Charleston White’s Brother?

Charleston White brother’s name is K. White.

7) Where is Charleston White from?

Charleston White was born and brought up in Texas, United States.

8) What is the name of Charleston White’s Girlfriend?

Charleston White has no girlfriend but Charleston White is married.

9) Why was Charleston White arrested?

Charleston White was arrested on the charge of murder Mr. Micheal Levy.

10) Why is Charleston White famous?

Charleston White famous for speaking truth without hesitation.

11) What was the Charleston White – J Prince Controversy?

Charleston White blames J Prince for Charleston White receiving the message on Friday informing him of the cancellation of youth presentation in Houston, Texas.

12) What is Charleston White Instagram? (Charleston White IG?)

Charleston White’s Instagram is @officialcharleston_white.

13) What is Charleston White YouTube Channel name?

Charleston White YouTube Channel name is The Real Charleston White and Charleston White YouTube channel username is @therealcharlestonwhite2806

14) What is Charleston White TikTok account?

Charleston White TikTok is officialcharlestontiktok

15) What is Charleston White LinkedIn?

Charleston White LinkedIn Charleston White

16) What is the name of Charleston White Son?

Charleston White son Chii Wvttz who died at a young age.

17) When did Charleston White Son die?

Charleston White son died in 2022

18) What was the age when Charleston White Son died?

Charleston White’s son was 17 years old when he died in 2022.

19) Did Charleston White kill any?

Charleston White has never been convicted of any murders, despite facing past accusations and staying behind the bar for years.

20) Charleston White son played NBA?

No, Charleston White son never played in the NBA.

21) When is Charleston White Birthday?

Charleston White Birthday is on 1970.

22) Is Charleston White alive or dead?

Charleston White is alive as of June 2023.

23) What is Charleston White Twitter?

Charleston White Twitter @CharlestonWhi15

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